Who We Are

Real Time Analytics

We use social listening to identify and analyze online conversations about the clients persona or brand. We intercept what is happening in our local environments , what is trending on social media , and what is being said about the client generally. We are constantly looking out for content that has the potential to damage a brand or reputation. We do this manually and also through an automated process with key words and metadata.

Once we intercept content of interest, we do our analysis.


We proceed to find out which of the collected mentions are positive, neutral or negative. We right away focus on the negative ones to join the conversation. We perform an assessment of the content to verify the level of threat and exposure.

All this happens in order to identify which areas need immediate mitigation.

Constant Monitoring

After working quickly and efficiently to get you the results you need, we take care to do the highest quality work that will have the strongest impact in the long run, and that’s monitoring your positive contents to ensure it never appears to sight online or offline.
Our methodologies are built to ensure the results are not only authoritative and substantive but that they appear natural (as if no campaign was ever performed.).

You may contact us when your search results feature negative material.

Media Management

A reputation crisis can happen unexpectedly, and can be a difficult thing to overcome, but it is possible to repair a clients reputation. Although a damaged corporate reputation may seem impossible to reverse.
The following roadmap offers a place to begin the journey to rebuild online reputation. There are often ups and downs, but with a solid game plan and a lot of hard work, the clients reputation can be saved. We regain control quickly by creating a recovery roadmap.
Our experts have access to the technologies and specialists that make our strategies more consistently effective in the long run. Our experienced Reputation Advisors backed by field-tested technology helps put bad news firmly in the past and bolsters good, positive news about you or your company.

It has to be fast. But it can’t be just a quick fix.